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Let Us Eat — Guilt Free German Chocolate Cake

One of the best things about healthy eating is guilt-free desserts. #TheHealthyGrandma #GlutenFreeRecipe Read More…

A Simple, But Luscious Four-Ingredient Lotion

Dry skin is the bane of winter. But January is the time to try new things. So… If you are tired of using skincare products with a long list of ingredients that you’ve never heard of and have no idea… Continue Reading →

Fall Favorite: Healthy To Die For Apple Pie

Tis the season to indulge oneself and what better way than with a healthy, easy, to die for apple pie.

Boost Your Omega 3 Intake With Salmon Saltimbocca

No doubt you have heard of veal saltimbocca and chicken saltimbocca, but what about salmon saltimbocca? In an effort to add more healthy options to my menu, especially omega 3 fish, I try to cook fish at least twice a… Continue Reading →

The Italian Tradition of Sharing Panettone

Traditional panettone, (yellow in color because it has butter and egg yolks in it) is studded with raisins and the candied peels of lemons and oranges. It’s cooked in a cylindrical paper and, when it rises, it puffs out of… Continue Reading →

Luscious Fresh Figs

Although dried figs are available throughout the year, there is nothing like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs. Figs can trace their history back to the earliest of times. They are thought to have been first cultivated in… Continue Reading →

Use “In Season” For Springtime Desserts

Eating seasonally means buying produce that can be grown locally, in their natural weather and climate conditions. When buying produce in season, you are not only getting fruits and vegetables at their peak of flavor, you are also getting the… Continue Reading →

Make Good Use of Spring Produce

Soft flavors, bright colors and pleasant aromas are the hallmarks of early spring produce. Savor woodsy asparagus by roasting them to enhance their flavor and provide for a more tender texture. Move away from the strong flavorings of winter, like… Continue Reading →

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