Enjoy Homemade Italian Biscotti

In the mood for a dessert but you don’t want a lot of calories or a very involved recipe?  Biscotti is just the right dessert

PSA: Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea

To helmet or not to helmet? That question was long ago decided in favor of helmets at least in the US where our streets and

Music: Singtree by Solar Quest

I'm not sure how I stumbled across Singtree by Solar Quest on Youtube, but it immediately resonated with me and quickly became one of my

Happiness Isn’t Something To Earn

Happiness isn’t earned. This seems like a radical thought when the universal law of happiness, deeply embedded in our psyche from day one, is —

Artisan Braided Squash Bread

Did you know that you can bake bread with yellow squash? During the summer squash season, when this vegetable is abundant, I like to make

Book Review: THE THIRTY NAMES OF NIGHT by Zeyn Joukhadar

I knew I needed to read THE THIRTY NAMES OF NIGHT by Zeyn Joukhadar the minute I saw the artwork. Yep. A gorgeously rendered, watercolor

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