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Grandma Candy

What better way to get kids eating fruits and veggies than to make them into candy — gluten free and with no sugar!  My grandkids love Grandma Candy especially Shaylee my granddaughter with Celiac Disease. She ate an entire baggie … Read more...

Creative Multitasking
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Walking In Nature — A Basic Tool For Creative Multitasking

Author Julia Cameron points out that one of the most valuable tools for creativity is one of the simplest — walking.

When she wrote THE ARTIST’S WAY she didn’t address exercise until week 12 in the program. In IT’S NEVER … Read more...

ask and listen
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Forget Their Shoes — Ask and Listen!

The often quoted standard procedure for gaining empathy and understanding is to imagine ourselves in another person’s shoes. But recent research by Tal Eyal, Mary Steffel, & Nicholas Epley (2018) suggests that stepping into another’s shoes and taking their perspective … Read more...

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Refreshing Salads For Hot Summer Days

Looking for something different to make for dinner?

Take advantage of some great produce to be found in the markets at this time of year. There are so many choices and great meals can be prepared with these veggies, even … Read more...

only human
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Only Human? So What Does That Take?

There are days when it feels like being human should be easier than it is.

We are “Only Human” so what does that take… Can we recognize our fallibility without making an excuse?  Can we allow others to be humble without … Read more...

Topi's camping adventure
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Topi’s Camping Adventure

What did you do this summer?

That seems to be the universal question of greeting as summer winds down and we begin to migrate back to our normal routine of work, school, and fall social occasions.

Of course, how you …

honest kind strong responsible
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Would Your Ideal Americans be — Honest, Kind, Strong, and Responsible?

These days, it is kind of hard not to believe the great American divide is all around us. As proof we are bombarded daily with endless examples of a society divided by class, race, gender, politics, finances… And not to … Read more...

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Favorite Recipes Where Fresh Basil Shines

fresh basilBasil is a herb that really shines when it’s fresh.

Just think of a homemade marinara sauce with fresh basil and the flavor it imparts to the sauce. Beyond those familiar dishes we most associate with basil (tomato sauce, pizza, … Read more...

blueberry season
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Blueberry Season Is Here — Enjoy The Bounty

During blueberry season it is easy to find fresh blueberries in abundance in grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  We have the added treat of having fresh blueberries growing in our yard. Plus, I know that the fruit was grown without … Read more...