Pondering The Possibilities: Repeal of Whopper Neutrality

Whopper Neutrality

Have you heard of “Net Neutrality”?  What about “Whopper Neutrality”?

Back in December of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to overturn regulations mandating net neutrality.   Net Neutrality was one of those things that too many of us took for granted or never gave much thought about its function in our daily lives.  So of course, now that it’s been removed there is a lot of confusion as to how a Non-Net Neutrality Internet can or will impact our lives as individuals and organizations.

Anyone who loves to explore thoughts and ideas values an Internet of unlimited access to limitless content.  Under “Net Neutrality” rules Internet Service Providers (ISPs) couldn’t selectively slow down or block access for competitors or institute “fast lanes” for individuals or companies capable of paying more.  But with the repeal of Net Neutrality, all that has changed.

Surprisingly, Burger King (home of “The Whopper”) created a short video demonstrating what ordering a burger would be like if “Whopper Neutrality”, the equivalent rules of Net Neutrality, was removed from their places of business.

Needless to say, Burger King customers had a few beefs with the changes.  Note the fine print — “Actual Guests. Fake pricing for illustration purposes only…”

By removing Net Neutrality rules, the FCC gave the ISPs’ free rein to decide how to provide or not provide Internet access and content (from Rolling Stone):

“ISPs won’t just be free to charge more for better tiers of access, they will also be free to block access to whatever part of the Internet they feel serves their financial interests. AT&T could cut a deal making Microsoft Bing its default search engine, and block Google entirely. Comcast might decide that it makes no sense to allow Netflix to compete with its own streaming services, and strangle off access to the site. Verizon could decide that Fox News’ reporting is more in line with its corporate interests than CNN or The New York Times.”

Do you think the repeal of Net Neutrality matters?  Do you think Burger King’s “Whopper Neutrality” explainer will help people to understand?  Share your thoughts…



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