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Book Review: TRUE PLACES by Sonia Yoerg

For starters: that cover! It spoke to me immediately. But what is beneath the beautiful artwork is equally delightful. While I have enjoyed all of Sonja Yoerg’s novels, TRUE PLACES has to be my favorite, with its juxtaposition of nature … Read more...

Creative Multitasking
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Walking In Nature — A Basic Tool For Creative Multitasking

Author Julia Cameron points out that one of the most valuable tools for creativity is one of the simplest — walking.

When she wrote THE ARTIST’S WAY she didn’t address exercise until week 12 in the program. In IT’S NEVER … Read more...

only human
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Only Human? So What Does That Take?

There are days when it feels like being human should be easier than it is.

We are “Only Human” so what does that take… Can we recognize our fallibility without making an excuse?  Can we allow others to be humble without … Read more...

Topi's camping adventure
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Topi’s Camping Adventure

What did you do this summer?

That seems to be the universal question of greeting as summer winds down and we begin to migrate back to our normal routine of work, school, and fall social occasions.

Of course, how you …

THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli
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Book Review: THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli

Wow. I could probably stop there, honestly, because that’s about all you need to know. But… I can’t do that because I loved this book too much not to talk about it.

THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli is an intense

your liberty and mine
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Here’s To Your Liberty And Mine

While your liberty and mine can take many different forms, may we ever embrace and strive towards an ideal of liberty where all people have the right, the power, and the ability to choose…

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according

THE WEIGHT OF INK by Rachel Kadish
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Book Review: THE WEIGHT OF INK by Rachel Kadish

THE WEIGHT OF INK by Rachel Kadish is one of those books that, when you close its covers upon reading the final pages, you know you’ve read something special. It is also the kind of book that, days later, sinks … Read more...

The Shape of Ideas
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Book Review: THE SHAPE OF IDEAS by Grant Snider

First, a confession:

I’ve long been a fan and a follower of Grant Snider’s “Incidental Comics.”  Seeing one of his comic strips pop-up in my Twitter feed is like a gift of sunshine to brighten my day.   My … Read more...

The River Of Kings
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Book Review: THE RIVER OF KINGS by Taylor Brown

Wow! What a fascinating book written with absolutely gorgeous, transporting prose.

I tend to enjoy dual-period books, but THE RIVER OF KINGS by Taylor Brown actually is a rare treat in that it weaves a third period into the storyline, … Read more...