Topi’s Camping Adventure

Topi's camping adventure

What did you do this summer?

That seems to be the universal question of greeting as summer winds down and we begin to migrate back to our normal routine of work, school, and fall social occasions.

Of course, how you react to the question usually depends on how you feel your summer ranks on the spectacular summer vacation scale.

If you had a summer adventure worthy of a 10, you are probably eagerly awaiting the question with a perfectly curated selection of pictures on your phone and a finely-honed tale of your adventures guaranteed to make the most of your time in the spot light.

If, on the other hand, you feel your summer wasn’t particularly productive, enriching, or adventurous, you might dread the question fearing you had nothing worthy to share.

Well, fear no more — Topi to the rescue.

Just pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and share Topi’s camping adventure video…

So okay — Topi’s camping adventure doesn’t actually answer the question of what you did this summer, but your friends, family, and co-workers will be delighted to see something they can genuinely ooh and ahh about!

And, you’ll get hero status for being the one to find and share Topi with them.  Because seriously, who can resist a good dog video — let alone an adventurous camping corgi with two adorable pals.

Check out more Topi adventures — HERE!

(Hat Tip — “hero” Sandy L)



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