Only Human? So What Does That Take?

only human

There are days when it feels like being human should be easier than it is.

We are “Only Human” so what does that take…

Can we see a fault without pointing a finger? Can we recognize our fallibility without making an excuse?  Can we allow others to be humble without acting superior?  Can we acknowledge our limitations without creating an escape?  Can we accept our responsibilities without taking control?  Can we survive in our man-made world if we destroy our natural one?

We are “Only Human” …

Can we accept what seems impossible to change and keep doing what we can?

If you’re having a frustrated Human day, Rag’n’Bone Man’s HUMAN might get you through it…





  1. I was always confused about the saying”I’m only human.”
    As opposed to what? A Kangaroo? Without the other half of that equation it is a non sequitur.


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