Making And Creating — The Connective Tissue of Generations of Humans

Making and creating are the connective tissue of generations of humans…

Whether through fine art that is revered for generations or a roughly formed sand castle that gets washed away before anyone else can see it, anyone who has ever made or created something has felt those moments of empowerment… and fear — of being in charge, of being the decider, of being able to imagine something before it physically exists or having to stumble blindly without direction into the unknown.

There is an addictive quality to being the one who does — the one who creates. Knowing you have the ability to make an act of rebellion from what is and was into an act of affirmation for the future, changes your world view forever and a powerful compulsion to create more takes hold.

There is value throughout the process of making and creating – physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes financial benefits to ourselves and others. But, these are secondary to the true value of being a creator. The reason we feed on our creative empowerment and fear, is because we need it to survive.

With each act of imagination and creativity, with each effort to make and create, we form and strengthen the connective tissue of generations of humans.


Enjoy this NPR discussion on why Making Art is Good For Your Health:

…this act of imagination is actually an act of survival. It is preparing us to imagine possibilities. ~~ Girija Kaimal, a professor at Drexel University and a leading researcher in art therapy.



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