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Thomas Jefferson

Here’s To Your Liberty And Mine

While your liberty and mine can take many different forms, may we ever embrace and strive towards an ideal of liberty where all people have the right, the power, and the ability to choose… “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to… Continue Reading →

Who is Defending the Honor of the “Political Marketplace”?

In its 2010 “Citizens United” decision, the US Supreme Courts held that: Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce… Continue Reading →

~ Principles of Our Government and the Congressional Reform Act of 2011

The further the departure from direct and constant control by the citizens, the less has the government of the ingredient of republicanism… —Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson wrote those words in a letter, dated May 28, 1816, to writer, Virginia delegate,… Continue Reading →

Presidential Quotes

A few of my favorite presidential quotes in honor of President’s day: “On this view of the import of the term republic, instead of saying, as has been said, “that it may mean anything or nothing,” we may say with… Continue Reading →

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