Music: Augustin Hadelich’s “Fantasy of the Cats”

fantasy of the cats

We listen to music for a variety of reasons — to relax, to distract, to celebrate, to evoke a memory, to capture a moment, to alter our mood, to reflect our emotions, to enhance our brain functions…

But, have you ever wondered what musicians imagine when they listen to music?  Or what story they are trying to tell when they play a particular piece?

In a 20 questions interview on THE VIOLIN CHANNEL, classical violinist, Augustin Hadelich explains that “Each of us — every musician has to do our part in introducing music to people who don’t go to concerts yet and converting sort of the next generation of concert goers.’

In the tradition of Disney’s FANTASIA and timed with the release of his latest CD, PAGANINI: 24 CAPRICES, Hadelich shares his vision of Nicolo Paganini’s Caprice No.17 in a short animated music video called Fantasia dei Gatti or “Fantasy of the Cats” and he does his part in converting the next generation of music fans.

After all, who can resist music and musician that speaks the language of the audience, brings peace and unity — at least for the duration of the piece, and inspires friends and foes into a balletic performance?

Not me!




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