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Connecting With Your Community — In Real Life

By Jessica McCann.  Originally published at ( as “This is Not about Politics.”  ~~ Brace yourself for a strikingly-simple, yet brilliant idea. It’s super easy, and it’s something each of us can do, today. It will make us happier people, and… Continue Reading →

Book: EAT DIRT by Josh Axe

Reading EAT DIRT : Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure It  by Josh Axe was a necessity for me as someone who has struggled with off-the-charts inflammatory markers and… Continue Reading →

Pondering The Possibilities: Dinosaur Webs

Dinosaur webs? When we think of what is possible… we tend to be limited — by our knowledge by our perspective by our experiences by our curiosity and by our imagination. So why ponder dinosaur webs?  It was something I saw… Continue Reading →

Italian Savory Pies — Perfect Anytime

There are a great variety of Italian savory pies and tart recipes for all occasions. You can serve them cold or warm, as a starter or as a one-plate meal accompanied with a green salad. An Italian Torte can have… Continue Reading →

So Tell Me Again… Who Is Them?

In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “We are different so that we can know our need of one another.“ And yet, lately (and particularly as I watch the ever-widening political divide), it feels as if we have forgotten how very much we… Continue Reading →

Book Review: THE WOMEN IN THE CASTLE by Jessica Shattuck

Where to begin with THE WOMEN IN THE CASTLE? For starters: if you think you’ve read every WWII historical fiction book there is and can’t fit another into your reading schedule, please let me urge you that you have room… Continue Reading →

Words: “… The Doctrine Of The Manyness Of Reality”

We all agree that truth matters, but how do we become honest critics of truth? How do we create meaningful change without a full and honest view of the problem?  How do we reach consensus for meaningful action if we are… Continue Reading →


As soon as I saw the preview for HIDDEN FIGURES I was hooked.   As a women, as a history lover, as a child of the sixties who grew up watching the race to the moon, the civil rights movement,… Continue Reading →

The Italian Tradition of Sharing Panettone

Traditional panettone, (yellow in color because it has butter and egg yolks in it) is studded with raisins and the candied peels of lemons and oranges. It’s cooked in a cylindrical paper and, when it rises, it puffs out of… Continue Reading →

Book Review: DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY by Bill Clegg

“stellar writing… unique story structure… uncannily genuine” I have to admit, when I picked up DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY by Bill Clegg, I had reservations based on the theme, which felt like it had been done a million times … “Character… Continue Reading →

Words: T.S. Elliot “…When We Do Not Know Enough…”

We can never know everything.  But, when we do not know …when we have moments of doubt or confusion …or when we simply do not know enough — Do we ignore the unknown?  Or, do we pause to wonder? Do we assume we know?… Continue Reading →

The Evolution Of Jovina’s Pumpkin Pie

Throughout much of the United States, it is traditional to serve pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner. I began making pumpkin pie for my family on Thanksgiving not long after I married, but back then, I used the recipe on the… Continue Reading →

Book: NEWS OF THE WORLD by Paulette Jiles

“a powerful little book… a gently told story” What a powerful little book! I was surprised when I picked up NEWS OF THE WORLD  by Paulette Jiles – not only for the short length (209 pages), but also the physical dimensions of… Continue Reading →

Roasted Vegetables — Bring On The Flavor!

Crisp autumn days have us looking forward to soups, pot pies, roasts and casseroles. Pick from any number of fall ingredients to add flavor and color to your main dishes.  In August, I wrote about how to grill vegetables. However,… Continue Reading →


“spellbinding tale… deep characterization… beautiful language” I absolutely adored THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, M.L. Stedman’s spellbinding tale about the love of a child and the grave consequences, perhaps, of loving too much. Set on coastal Australia (the majority upon a small… Continue Reading →

Words: “I Am Not Simply A Story-teller …”

One of my goals in starting BELOW THE SALT NEWS was to explore the power and possibilities of stories and storytellers to create change. Whether the story is based in fact or fantasy; whether it is told through art, invention, music,… Continue Reading →

Fun Must Share Twitter Animal Tales – Part I

I love to read around the internet and frequently come across engaging, funny or insightful news and superb storytelling that are “must shares.”  Since I often find them through twitter (sorry, not a facebooker)  I just automatically “tweet” or “retweet” the links… Continue Reading →

Movie:  (DIS) HONESTY — The Truth About Lies

We all love a good story about the rise and fall of an unworthy person.  It is the stuff of history, fiction and our daily news.  Of course, the bigger the rise, the better the fall.  Right? But what if the… Continue Reading →

Book: FALLEN LAND by Taylor Brown

“big-in-heart debut novel… poetic and evocative” If you appreciate a sense of place and lush descriptions of the natural world (and, in this case, its devastating destruction by men in battle), FALLEN LAND by Taylor Brown is for you. I guarantee you… Continue Reading →

Use “In Season” For Springtime Desserts

Eating seasonally means buying produce that can be grown locally, in their natural weather and climate conditions. When buying produce in season, you are not only getting fruits and vegetables at their peak of flavor, you are also getting the… Continue Reading →

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