Homegoing by Yas Gyasi
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Book Review: HOMEGOING by Yaa Gyasi

Wow. What an ambitious accomplishment for a debut author (any author, really) – a story following the lives of one family over 300 years, and written in only 320 pages.

I don’t think many readers are familiar with the origins … Read more...

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Connecting With Your Community — In Real Life

By Jessica McCann.  Originally published at (jessicamccann.com) as This is Not about Politics.” 


Brace yourself for a strikingly-simple, yet brilliant idea. It’s super easy, and it’s something each of us can do, today. It will make … Read more...

dandelion small acts of kindness
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Small Acts of Kindness

As a law enforcement officer, I was constantly aware of my surroundings.  Hidden dangers could mean life or death.  A year after retirement, I’m still alert.  But it’s not danger I’m spotting.  It’s small acts of kindness.

Thank you for

Flint water debacle
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In The Flint Water Debacle – A Story of Successful Activism 

We tell a story with everything we do.

  • A story of our priorities — by what we give our attention to and spend our time on.
  • A story of our fears — by what we lie about and with whom
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The World War II Women Knew

The stories of World War II have been told many times through a multitude of male perspectives and usually with only enough women included to companionably pad the edges.   Rarely has an effort been made to focus entirely on presenting … Read more...

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The Lure of Comic-Con

Out of my element at Comic-Con 2015, where 250,000 movie fans, comic devotees and techno geeks gather, I had an expectation of being trampled in a sea of humanity.  Instead, I found enthusiastic, welcoming people whose entry badges were like … Read more...

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The #HateWontWin Challenge

How do you continue a legacy of love in the face of a horrific tragedy?

The #HateWontWin Challenge

Build bonds of hope.

Alana Simmons began to build hope for millions of people around the world when she told Dylann Roof, … Read more...

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Women Are Fundraising Their Way To The Big Political Table

Hillary Clinton’s first quarter fundraising total of $45 million revealed that women comprised more than 60% of her donor base.  Regardless of Party, this kind of financial participation is essential if women want to be treated as more than one … Read more...

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To All The Dads

happy Father's day 2
To all the Dads

who share in our joys during the early years — cartoons, bike rides, water balloon fights, ice cream, joy rides, Halloween …

To all the Dads

who teach us practical things — how to swim, ride