The American Nurse Project — Insight Into A Beloved Profession

THE AMERICAN NURSE PROJECT, which includes a book, documentary film and ongoing blog interviews, tells the story of the life and professional commitment of nurses across the United States. The creator, photographer Carolyn Jones along with her team, wanted to raise awareness of the uniqueness of the nursing profession by allowing nurses to […]

Happy Birthday Betty White, I’ll Never Forget Your Kindness

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the hilarious, uber-talented Miss Betty White.  No one is more deserving than she of the sweet surprise and outpouring of affection she got, in celebration of her 93rd birthday, from the entire cast and crew of Hot in Cleveland.  Enjoy the flash mob celebration, then read about my own […]

Bad Luck Cadet #17: The Police Perspective

The Police Perspective is the seventeenth installment in my Bad Luck Cadet Series. The academy was changing me, physically, as well as mentally. Physically, I didn’t just have arm bicep muscles. I had muscles in my forearms, thighs and butt. No jello cheeks for that polygraph seat now. Mentally, I was now seeing […]