The Lure of Comic-Con

Out of my element at Comic-Con 2015, where 250,000 movie fans, comic devotees and techno geeks gather, I had an expectation of being trampled in a sea of humanity.  Instead, I found enthusiastic, welcoming people whose entry badges were like a symbol of solidarity. It’s like we were all part of some giant, secret club.

2015 comic-conWomen and men of every age entertained their favorite fantasies, from Batman to Red Sonja – some coming from as far as Australia. What makes people from around the world yearn to participate in this special madness? Author and media strategist Shawna Vercher gets the scoop from me on the best and worst of Comic Con.

As Shawna noted, “There seems to be a shift in comics and super hero movies in that women are no longer only being portrayed as one dimensional victims, which allows both men and women to have a richer and more diverse texture.” In that regard, women artists are starting to gain a foothold, particularly via an organization called GirlsDrawinGirls.  According to their president, Melody Severns,

“Sometimes people tell me I’m objectifying women, but I absolutely am not. Girlsdrawingirls is giving women an opportunity to have a voice in the pin up genre, to showcase their artistic abilities, and to also give their take on femininity and sexuality. For the most part, we’ve gotten a tremendous amount of support from both men and women.”

It was also surprising to see how many families attended the Convention.  One would think the massive crowds would be an irritant to the neighbors, but the city of San Diego donned its own costume for a week and residents were very warm hosts to all.   Go behind the scenes at Comic-Con with Shawna and me to find out what all the fuss is about!


Original version published at Anita Finlay’s blog on July 14, 2015.  Reposted, in full, with permission of the author





  1. As a professional with a pass, I went to Comicon for many years.
    But it isn’t the showcase for young quirky ambitious artists and writers that it used to be and when the big movie studios and Viideogame companies began to take it over with their Marvel launches and huge commercial booths, it lost me.
    I understand the Anaheim convention is more like the original personal Comicon. I may try that this year.


    1. There’s no doubt that it has become a huge commercial enterprise and it was a stretch for me to even be there. But I met some great people and was impressed by the art I saw. Thanks for commenting.


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