To All The Dads

happy Father's day 2
To all the Dads

who share in our joys during the early years — cartoons, bike rides, water balloon fights, ice cream, joy rides, Halloween …

To all the Dads

who teach us practical things — how to swim, ride bike, skip rocks, pitch a tent, spit watermelon seeds, plant a tree, change a tire, pay taxes…

To all the Dads

who watch over us with love, hugs, words of wisdom and their “you crossed a line look”…

To all the Dads

who think family vacations are the highlight of the year and keep thinking it through the teenage years…

To all the Dads

who expand our ideas of what we are capable of by venturing into new territory themselves — fixing the car, changing a diaper, landscaping the yard, running the dishwasher, wrapping a gift, finishing the basement…

To all the Dads and to MY DAD







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