Working Too Hard May Be Hurting the Economy

The long-term dangers of over-demanding jobs aren’t just to employees.  Working too hard maybe hurting the employers too.

Americans are working longer hours with fewer vacations and greater stress, but employees are not the only ones who may suffer from those habits. A study examined in the New York Times shows that companies are also hurting themselves – and their economic growth – by being too demanding.

Big companies are hoarding cash and still aren’t putting the money back into their employees, which is not smart. Doesn’t overwork lead to making mistakes and burnout? Doesn’t this cost the employer more in the long run? Mother Jones shares 12 charts that will make your head explode, showing that productivity is way up, yet with stagnant wages and increased expectations of the American worker. Is this a fear-based employment model?

My co-host and media strategist Shawna Vercher points out that a culture of high stress and long hours also stifles creativity. “When you look at companies in various industries that are trying to compete, the ones that are going to win are the ones that are innovative. You cannot be innovative when you’re exhausted.”

Catch our full discussion on this episode of Dare We Say:

Do you think working too hard is a problem?

Original version posted at DARE WE SAY on June 10th 2015, reposted with permission of the author.



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