Recipe: Paleo Non-Wheat Thins To Tempt Even Non-Paleo Eaters

Paleo year - kitchen time

It’s winter.  It’s cold.  Another record arctic blast is predicted.  Time to fire up the oven and distract everyone with the delicious aromas of something warm and wonderful wafting from the kitchen.

Last year, my husband and I made a 3-month commitment to tackle some serious health issues and it became A Paleo Year of Change.  One of the best things to come from this major change in our eating habits, besides our improved health, is our enjoyment of cooking.

Paleo year - Paleo Non-wheat thins
Roll out and cut the Paleo Non-Wheat Thins

Here is one of my favorite recipes: Paleo Non-Wheat Thins.  It is quick and easy and yummy enough to tempt even non-paleo eaters.

Paleo Non-Wheat Thins

I double this recipe so we have enough to last in the fridge and freezer for about six-weeks.

3 cups Almond flour
1 teaspoon Himalayan Sea salt
½ cup organic Sesame seeds
2 Eggs
2 tablespoons Olive, avocado, or grape seed oil
1 tablespoon  dried Rosemary
1 tablespoon dried Basil
1 tablespoon dried Oregano
½ teaspoon Onion powder
½ teaspoon Garlic powder

Pre-heat oven 350 degrees.

Combine all dry ingredients and mix well. Combine wet ingredients, including eggs, in separate bowl and whisk until frothy. Pour wet into dry ingredients and mix well.

Form balls of dough about the size of a baseball. Roll between two sheets of parchment paper until about 1/8 inch thick. Cut one-inch squares using the back of table knife.  (I also trim sides so it doesn’t crumble after cooking.) Remove top piece of parchment paper and place bottom piece with dough on cookie sheet.

Cook for 15 minutes. Sprinkle a small amount of Himalayan salt while sizzling hot from the oven.  Enjoy!

We eat these with Paleo ranch dip (2 parts homemade mayonnaise, 1 part organic plain yogurt, and seasonings) or crumble and sprinkle on salads.

I’d love to know what works for you. I will also answer Paleo questions though I’m still a novice. The picture I’ve included is from my kitchen.




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