Pondering the Possibilities: Sweat Worthy Entertainment

In a world of ever-increasing energy expenses, it is not hard to envision a time in the not so distant future when the average family will be forced to reevaluate its energy priorities and restrict its energy consumption. So what will todays techno kids and adults do for entertainment?

To Sweat or Not

Raised on a diet of techno gadgetry, will we revert to board games?

Or develop manual games powered by our own creativity and physical exertion?


Or will we invest some pedal sweat in order to continue using our favorite video game, computer, music device, and stay connected with a little talking, tweeting and texting on our cell phones?


Worthy of Sweat or Not

An average adult rider will produce between 125 and 300 watts, so one 20 minute workout could run the 70 watt desktop computer or small TV for over an hour.

Power Consumption of Typical Appliances:

Small TV 75 watts
Large TV 200 watts
Laptop PC 10 watts
Desktop PC 75 watts
Stereo 20 watts
Charging a cellphone 5 watts
Hi Effic Desk lamp 15 watts

What would you consider sweat worthy entertainment?  Do you think television would lose its mass appeal if it was no longer a passive entertainment?    Either way this could be a win.

To Build or Not

You can find more information on bicycle generators and DIY instruction on building your own at:

NAU’s Eco Pedaler
Pedal Power Generators

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