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Tis The Season…

Tis the season — to share love and laughter among friends, family and furcritters…

Fast Facts on Hurricanes

The month of September is peak hurricane season.  The Atlantic Hurricane season is June 1st  through November 30th.  So as Florence makes her way slowly down the Atlantic coast, it seemed a good time to compile some fast facts on hurricanes…. Continue Reading →

Primitive Technology — Where Tiny House Meets Survivor Man

As I am neither a millennial nor a survivalist, it might seem kind of strange that I am a fan of both the “tiny house” movement and the survival/wilderness teachings of Les Stroud and Bear Grylls. I could blame it on… Continue Reading →

Book: FALLEN LAND by Taylor Brown

“big-in-heart debut novel… poetic and evocative” If you appreciate a sense of place and lush descriptions of the natural world (and, in this case, its devastating destruction by men in battle), FALLEN LAND by Taylor Brown is for you. I guarantee you… Continue Reading →


Wow. ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR by Darragh McKeon was an incredible read: lush, lyrical prose on a sentence-by-sentence level, with breathtaking imagery and description. The stories of the four main characters were introduced separately but woven together like… Continue Reading →

Book: WILDERNESS by Lance Weller

I’ll start with this:  WILDERNESS by Lance Weller is THE book I’ve been waiting for.  In fact, if I could give it more than five stars, I would. Without a doubt, it is among my all-time favorite reads, so rich is… Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes

At night I’ve been known to stare into the quiet darkness beyond our windows, so different from the fierce sunlight of the day and its illumination. And I wonder: what really happens out there, after the sun slithers behind the… Continue Reading →

Book: THE SECRET WISDOM OF THE EARTH by Christopher Scotton

THE SECRET WISDOM OF THE EARTH by Christopher Scotton has received a great deal of pre-release accolades – all well deserved. I suspect, however, the spell it cast over me is a bit different than the one cast for others, mainly… Continue Reading →

Success In An Elusive F2 at The Knoxville Zoo

Once upon a time, an interesting species of turtle became extinct. Last seen in 1908, the Arakan Forest Turtle, Heosemys depressa, disappeared and was never seen again. (This seems like a sad story, but stick with me.) About 100 years later, in… Continue Reading →

Words: “… If You Only Talk About The Problem”

“… If You Only Talk About The Problem” “Speaking to thousands and thousands of people has convinced me that, if you only talk about the problem, and not the path forward, it’s almost as if people literally, physiologically–can’t hear you.” ~~… Continue Reading →

Visitors @ My Window

I have cats. So, when I heard a “thud” at the window, I assumed it was one of my furry kids batting at a bug or fly that had somehow gotten into the house. When both cats appeared from opposite… Continue Reading →

Kelvin Doe, A Solar Promise in a Teen Entrepreneur

While investments in solar maybe the promise of our future, giving a sixteen year old a $100,000 contract to research, design, test and develop his own solar panel technology could seem reckless and even wasteful — until you meet the teen… Continue Reading →

Pondering the Possibilities: Sweat Worthy Entertainment

In a world of ever-increasing energy expenses, it is not hard to envision a time in the not so distant future when the average family will be forced to reevaluate its energy priorities and restrict its energy consumption. So what will… Continue Reading →

More Oil, The Gulf Stream, Liability Caps and Environmental Exceptions

Have we created The Perfect Oil Storm? Don’t get me wrong, I’m an optimist by nature and a firm believer that ingenuity and determination can overcome almost any thing. While my environmental heart is broken, as someone geeky enough to enjoy watching… Continue Reading →

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