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For The Joy Of Animals: Mouse Maid

Apparently Cinderella isn’t the only one with a mouse helper. Handy & compact maybe having a mouse maid will be the next little thing… A mouse has been captured tidying up bits and bobs in a pensioner's shed. Stephen McKears… Continue Reading →

Mule Deer Shows Some Tough Love

This mother mule deer in Arizona, doting and attentive just a week before, warns her young buck away. Why? It turns out she is pregnant with a new fawn, and that she’s taught the year-old buck all she can about… Continue Reading →

For The Joy of Animals: Turkey Bobbing

Turkey bobbing anyone? We take an all hands — and paws — approach to prepping for our christmas feast.   Do you have plenty of helping hands and paws at your house? MERRY CHRISTMAS and  HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ~~~ You can find more Macho… Continue Reading →

Success In An Elusive F2 at The Knoxville Zoo

Once upon a time, an interesting species of turtle became extinct. Last seen in 1908, the Arakan Forest Turtle, Heosemys depressa, disappeared and was never seen again. (This seems like a sad story, but stick with me.) About 100 years later, in… Continue Reading →

Visitors @ My Window

I have cats. So, when I heard a “thud” at the window, I assumed it was one of my furry kids batting at a bug or fly that had somehow gotten into the house. When both cats appeared from opposite… Continue Reading →

About That Easter Bunny…

There are lots of things I love about Easter. It’s a time of renewal of both spirit and nature as the earth comes alive again with the promise of Spring. It’s the pinnacle of my family’s faith, this year to… Continue Reading →

For The Joy of Animals: Nature’s Ball Return

A dog with a ball
but no one to throw…

For The Joy Of Animals: Gambolling Cows

After a winter spent cooped up in a barn eating oats and grains, can there be a greater celebration of spring then the sight of Gambolling Cows? The sheer delight as they surging toward the heady smells of the fresh… Continue Reading →

For The Joy Of Animals: Barking Dog Choir

If only the ringing of the doorbell or the spotting of an “intruder” prompted this response from the “Barker Sisters” at my house… ##

Eating Like A Piglet

We’ve always been told “eating like a pig” was bad… But who knew eating like a piglet could be so darn cute! ~ ~ There is just something seriously adorable about a baby pig. I don’t know if it is… Continue Reading →

For The Joy of Animals: Multi-Purpose Monsters

Here is a helpful tip to consider as you make your Halloween purchases: multi-purpose monsters are always a wise investment. Particularly when, with an inadvertent flick of a switch, the monster has the power to both clear and clean a… Continue Reading →

For The Joy Of Animals: Wild British Humor

What can I say, this just makes me smile every single time I view it.  Seriously, do you have any doubt that if animals could talk, they would also have a wild British humor? Enjoy more BBC Walk on the Wild Side… Continue Reading →

Ground Rules for Pets and Humans

As all who share their home with pets know, they rule. In an effort to reclaim your domain and walk in harmony together, these ground rules might help. (This was emailed to me.  Author unknown.  Hattip to BGD.) Post low… Continue Reading →

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