For The Joy Of Animals: Gambolling Cows

gambolling cows

Thoughts of spring usually bring to mind sunshine and rain; budding trees and daffodils; baby animals and — gambolling cows?

After a winter spent cooped up in a barn eating oats and grains, can there be a better celebration of spring then seeing cows surging toward the heady smells of the fresh open air rejoicing at the uninhibited freedom of the great outdoors and rediscovering the sheer bliss of personally selecting their own patch of grass on which to graze.

And can there be a better word to describe these awkward antics by these less than nimble and normally placid creatures, than the earthy and awkward sounds of “gambol” — to run or jump playfully!

May you embrace spring with all the joyous awkwardness of cows at play.

Happy Spring!
Happy Gambolling Cows!


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  1. I love cows! I think it is because my great-grandfather was a dairy farmer, and I grew up in the house he built. Since I liuve further South, I get to see cows all of the time. I love it! Every time we drive off the island, we pass a pasture filled with cows, and now calves. What fun!


    1. I rarely get to see cows these days. Oh, wow. Calves are sooo cute! Those huge brown eyes!! My grandparents were dairy farmers who also had pigs and chickens at times. Love baby chicks. But my hands down favorite is the baby pigs!!


      1. LOL – baby pigs!!! Cute! When I was growing up, my grandmother had sheep. One of my fondest memories was of feeding the little lambs from a baby bottle (as a result, I only tried lamb once in my life, and promptly threw up – couldn’t handle it.). She had chickens, too. I grew up hearing abt one particularly ferocious rooster who chased one of my siblings around…

        COOL that your grandparents were farmers, Linda! 🙂


      2. I bet you did, Linda! Who wouldn’t?

        Btw, one of my brothers claims that the reason my knees are such crap is from jumping out of the hayloft. 🙂


      3. Seemed like a good idea at the time…Anyway, even though where I lived was no longer a working dairy farm, all of the buildings were there – convenient for having ponies and horses! 🙂


  2. I watched this on my phone at work a few days ago and then shared it with everyone. We had to laugh because this is not what we think of cows at work. We are chasing and cussing them sometimes for hours. Thank you for giving us another side.


    1. I’ll bet! They are always harder to round up when you’re dealing with only one or two. When you have a herd and they tend to stay together. Besides the odds are the strays are the rebels.


  3. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I would like to follow you if that would be okay. I am definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.


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