Book Feature: BORN TO FLY by Diana Scimone

It is hard to keep your dreams alive when you live under a Dark Cloud in a colorless world and have to eat twig soup every day.

But such is the life of Blossom, a young caterpillar with a big heart and an even bigger dream.

335663711-199x300She wants to find the last Moonbeam Tree in the High Hills and bring the seeds back to Twig Valley for everyone to plant so her brother and all the other caterpillars could eat moonbeam stew and be healthy and happy and dream again.

Blossom didn’t tell Popi and Max about her dreams for fear they would think she was a silly little caterpillar.  Caterpillars did not have dreams.  No caterpillar in all of Twig Valley had ever dreamed — not since the Dark Cloud covered the land.  It was almost as if someone had stolen all their dreams.

But having a noble dream doesn’t make it easier to come true.  The road to the High Hills is long and dangerous with Dream Thieves wanting to trick her into giving up her dream.

If you dare to dream, they’ll lurk and they’ll wait.
To steal your dream, for that’s just what they hate.
The know Moonbeam Fruit helps dreams to come true.
So they’ll keep you from finding the tree to make stew.

Blossom must learn the Legend of the Dark Cloud and discover the value of  friendship, choices, patience and persistence.  But most importantly she must learn to believe in herself and believe that she was meant to fly high on a Silver Breeze!

In front of her stretched the vast canyon.  “Somewhere on the other side is the Moonbeam Tree.  The fastest way is to cross it by air — but can I reach it? I don’t know how long I can flutter.  What if I get halfway across and suddenly …?”

BORN TO FLY by Diana Scimone is a beautifully written and empowering children’s e-book and enchantingly illustrated by Leah Wiedemer.  While BORN TO FLY can be enjoyed by a child reading alone, it just begs to be read by an adult and child together.  Companion resources are available at BORN TO FLY, so kids, parents, and teachers can more fully explore and discuss the various issues and themes presented.

All proceeds from the sale of BORN TO FLY will go to BORN TO FLY PROJECT for the prevention of child sex trafficking.




  1. Thank you for reviewing this. What a noble cause. My grandchildren will be visiting this summer and I love to find books to read with them. I love it even more when we have great discussions after.


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