Julia Ward Howe, from History of Woman Suffrage vol2pg793 (public domain, via )

Let’s Celebrate A Howe Mother’s Day Too

Back in 1870, Julia Ward Howe envisioned another kind of Mother's Day.  Although a mother herself, she wasn't looking for a day of remembrance and celebration as was championed many decades later by Anna Jarvis and made an official national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  Howe's vision of Mother's Day was about as far from our contemporary commercialized, family gathering, Mother in … [Read More ...]

Dare We Say - Finlay and Vercher

What Purpose Do Fraternities Serve?

DARE WE SAY hosts Shawna Vercher and  Anita Finlay look at the role and cost of fraternities in the wake of the latest outrage and ask -- What purpose do fraternities serve?  Is it time to put an end to them? The boast is that 18 out of 44 presidents have been members of a fraternity.  But what … [Read More...]

Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen

Book: EVERGREEN by Rebecca Rasmussen

In EVERGREEN by Rebecca Rasmussen -- "The imagery pops, the emotion ignites..." It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that novels with natural settings are my ‘thing.’ The title of this book alone suggests an outdoorsy feel. The wonderful pine trees stamped on the book jacket, the bird … they … [Read More...]

FDA doesn't know what is in our food

Even The FDA Doesn’t Know What’s In Our Food

Eating and drinking is about as basic to our survival as it gets. While we might debate whether various manufactured foods are the healthiest choices we can make in a day, we assume the FDA has approved their ingredients before we eat them.  We assume all the ingredients meet the standard of a … [Read More...]


cyber conversations

DARE WE SAY Cyber Conversations

Cyber conversations seem like a rarity these days. Despite our claims of staying connected on-line, too much of what we say on the internet is targeted at others.   We command, demand and cajole.   We make statements … [Read More]



Book: COMMITTED by Patrick Ross

Believe it or not, I am a first-time memoir reader and might have missed out on COMMITTED: A MEMOIR OF THE ARTIST'S ROAD, if not for getting to know Patrick Ross through his Artist’s Road blog over the past few years. I’m not sure all … [Read More]


Righteously Indignant 2

Dear Righteously Indignant (a.k.a. ME)

Last night I started to fall into the trap.  I know the writer, but not well.  While I can't imagine he/she was pointing directly at me, it felt as if an all encompassing accusing finger was being raised in my direction.  I could feel a giant target … [Read More]


Suckling baby javelinas.

Behind the Scenes

At night I’ve been known to stare into the quiet darkness beyond our windows, so different from the fierce sunlight of the day and its illumination. And I wonder: what really happens out there, after the sun slithers behind the mountains? What … [Read More]