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Yokosuka Fireworks

What’s Your Favorite Way To Celebrate The 4th Of July?

The semi-official/traditional Independence Day celebration includes food outdoors with family/friends, parades and fireworks.  But do we still love our current traditions as much as the media does?    If given the chance, would we start from scratch and create a whole different set of 4th of July traditions?  Would we just modify our current ones?  Or would we keep it all the same? So what part … [Read More ...]

White House on June 26th, 2015

Equality and the Destiny of Dissenters

The joy many felt at the SCOTUS’ marriage equality ruling – and the beauty of more than a  dozen landmarks that turned rainbow last night – was marred only by diminishing comments from Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito. Their sour dissents were mirrored by some of the Republican Party … [Read More...]

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Music: LAY DOWN by Melanie Safka

If we learn nothing else from history it should be: -- Nothing is more valuable than love, more courageous than peace, or more precious than life.  Hate, fear and greed hold us hostage to forces that drain our spirit, steal our creativity, limit our opportunities, and rob us of our future. -- The … [Read More...]

happy Fathers day 2

To All The Dads

To all the Dads who share in our joys during the early years -- cartoons, bike rides, water balloon fights, ice cream, joy rides, Halloween … To all the Dads who teach us practical things -- how to swim, ride bike, skip rocks, pitch a tent, spit watermelon seeds, plant a tree, change a tire, pay … [Read More...]

DWS - working too hard

Working Too Hard May Be Hurting the Economy

The long-term dangers of over-demanding jobs aren't just to employees. Americans are working longer hours with fewer vacations and greater stress, but employees are not the only ones who may suffer from those habits. A study examined in the New York Times shows that companies are also hurting … [Read More...]