Pet Owners Against Daylight Saving Time — Unite!

In all the discussions about the pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time, I have yet to hear anyone address the most compelling reason of all for getting rid of Daylight Saving Time — our pets.

In the U.S. alone, 62% of households are pet owners.  It breaks down to something like 46 million households with dogs and 36 million households with cats.  So I know we can’t be the only Pet Owners Against Daylight Saving Time.

Pet Owners Against Daylight Saving Time
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Every spring and fall we embark upon a battle of wills with our pets to get them to join us in springing forward an hour in March to Daylight Saving Time and then falling back an hour in November to Standard Time.   It doesn’t matter whether it is dogs or cats, our pets just don’t buy into the whole business of switching times.

Their internal clock are set and they don’t care what we do with our mechanical or digital ones.

Wake up time is wake up time, regardless of the season.  Eating times are eating times, regardless of where the sun is.  And I happen to agree with them.  And not just because I know, they know, they rule the house and I like my sleep…

The time for Daylight Saving Time has come and gone.  It no longer serves a useful purpose.  It doesn’t save energy.  It doesn’t make us better consumers.  And it is actually a health hazard and we lose productivity.   But most of all it makes us sleep deprived pet owners with cranky pets.  And that isn’t good for anyone.

It is time for Pet Owners Against Daylight Saving Time to unite!  If any group has the numbers and motivation to end Daylight Saving Time, we do!  Let’s do it!!  Let’s end the DST madness!

Please join Pet Owners Against Daylight Saving Time today!


Here’s a fun little video history of Daylight Saving Time:




  1. My pup not so much, as he goes along with Allan’s late night randomness. However, my little kitty will let me know when she expects food and she has nothing but disdain for clocks and changing them. I agree!


    1. Our two 15yr old shelties decided to stick with Daylight Savings Time, so since Nov they have been waking us up at 5:00am instead of 6:00am, expecting food an hour earlier, etc. So it will be nice to have everyone in the household in sync again. It is amazing to me how we continue something, no matter how absurd. Why wouldn’t we adapt our schedules, where needed, instead of everyone’s time??


  2. Ha ha – it really is the animals in your life that make this change more difficult. We prefer to be waking them up with breakfast rather than having them wake us up for it 😀


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