Freezing Eggs, A Perk For Female Employees?

When I read the headline that Apple and Facebook are now offering to freeze female employees’ eggs as a perk of employment, I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone!

Is that taking progress a bit too far?  Is this move a way for companies to push women to push their choice to have children later and later in life?

Convenient for the company.  Not necessarily convenient for Mommy and Daddy.  And what level of employee would get such a perk?  Potential CEOs or secretaries?  I think we know the answer to that one.

unnamedjerry-doyle-at-the-station-150x150Jerry Doyle and I take apart the ramifications of women in the workplace being pushed to imitate the male “lean in” model at work rather than employers shifting their paradigms to allow for more flexible work schedules and paid parental leave.

Also mentioned is the Microsoft CEO who said if women want a raise, they should work harder and they should rely on “karma.”  Sigh  We’ve still got a long way to go, baby!

Join us for a lively discussion!


Original version published at Anita Finlay’s blog.  Reposted, in full, with permission of the author.




    1. That is a brilliant point. What if the company is grooming you for an exec position, They pay to freeze your eggs — you leave to take a different job — are they going to sue you to keep the eggs — as their intellectual property??!!


  1. I guess women will need to freeze eggs early, keep the same job until their ready to use them, and wait to get married until later and then become a cougar so the sperm is still good.


    1. I feel we have crossed the Rubicon, jumped the shark — whichever cliché you wish to use. How about employers mind their own hooting business and let me make my own decisions and choices about starting a family.


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