For The Love Of Pets

love of pets

Recently, the Examiner reported the heartbreaking story of a ten year old pet lab that a family surrendered to a shelter. Thankfully, the press he got meant that a rescue organization took him for placement in a forever home. Many dogs will have anywhere from three to five owners in their lifetimes. Having a pet is a huge responsibility requiring long term commitment, but with that comes great joy and even improved longevity — having cats or dogs as pets offer real health and heart benefits to their owners.

As pet lovers, my Dare We Say show co-host Shawna Vercher and I offer tribute to those who volunteer to help shelter animals and to pet owners who reach out to adopt. Also of note is the now famous of story of a Great Dane that saved its owner’s life by taking hammer blows meant for her by an abusive boyfriend. Her unwillingness to leave her four-legged savior behind inspired The Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City to become the first ever Domestic Violence Shelter to allow pets. It is a little known fact that 40% of those in abusive relationships refuse to leave because they fear that the pet they cannot take with them in their escape will be on the receiving end of retribution from an abusive partner.

On a personal note, the cats my hubby and I have are our mood rings, always lifting our spirits on a tough day, and have provided many years of entertainment, unconditional love and joyful companionship.

Please join us for a very special For The Love of Pets episode of DARE WE SAY and find out what you can do to advocate for furry pals in need.


Original version published at Anita Finlay’s blog on November 8, 2015.  Reposted, in full, with permission of the author.



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