Music: ENOUGH by The Mrs

It’s well proven that if you repeat something often enough people will accept that “something” as a truth, even if it is actually a complete lie.

Every day, all day, and from every corner imaginable, we are bombarded by media and a society that not only questions our worthiness, but demands that we constantly take measure of ourselves and our lives and question our worthiness too.

Young, old, male, female, rich, poor, we are all expected to continually evaluate how close or rather how far we are from being who we “need” to be —

Are we doing enough?
Are we achieving enough?
Are we attractive enough?
Are we fit enough?
Are we smart enough?
Are we fun enough?
Are we earning enough?
Are we learning enough?
Are we caring enough?

But enough is an elusive measure.  How much is enough?  Can we ever actually be enough?  Can enough ever be too much?  And if we can’t quite achieve enough, can it be a surprise that so many of us are becoming burned-out self-doubters?

Enter THE MRS, a new all-female rock band from Austin, Texas, that is pushing back with a Pharrell Williams type purpose and intention to lift people up with a happy, catchy tune and remind us (and women in particular) that no matter the day or the moment — you, I, we all — are ENOUGH!

So stop with the comparative analysis.  Start celebrating who you are now!  Get your fist-pump ready, click on image below, and repeat with THE MRS — “I’m enough!  I’m enough!  I’m enough! …”

enough by the mrs
Image linked to Youtube video of ENOUGH by The Mrs

Now don’t you feel better?

All female rock band
Andra Liemandt, Jenny Mason, Larissa Ness, Jennifer Zavaleta and Mandy Prater
Wives, mothers, career women
Musicians, singers, song writers
Austin, TX



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