Has Comic-Con Cosplay Become Sluts vs Creeps?

At the recent Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, costumed female cosplayers were on the receiving end of much sexual harassment and are fighting back against the creep factor.

Page by Kirsten Acuna, Business Insider

Jerry and I get into it over the concept of “personal responsibility.”  I pointed out that there is no way to put the responsibility on a woman for her mode of dress as this speaks to the rape culture in this country — i.e., “What were you wearing?”  Rather than teaching women not to get raped, teach men not to rape.  Teach men not to approach or touch without permission.

As various reports and videos on these incidents confirm, there are women who were grabbed and groped at this event, even while wearing loose fitting clothing — so being half naked in a Wonder Woman costume was not a prerequisite for inappropriate harassment.

We also discuss pro-football’s Ray Rice punching his fiancée unconscious, for which he got a puny 2-game suspension.  Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith also got into hot water over his statements in response to the Rice incident.  He contended that while “no man should ever put his hands on a woman,” women should also do what ever they can so as not to “provoke” a man to violence.  Oh, brother.

Clearly, there are still a lot of attitudes that need changing in this country.

Take a listen as I take issue … (click on link below)

What do you think?

Originally published at Anita Finlay’s blog.  Reposted, in full, with permission of the author.



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