Happy, With A Side of Happy

Nothing changes the mood of a moment
like receiving an unexpected smile.

Nothing changes the mood of an hour
like listening to your favorite songs.

Nothing changes the mood of the day
like — a mega dose of HAPPY?

And not that I believe in the unfettered
distribution of earworms and eye candy,

But I double dare you not to at least crack a smile!

Pharrell Williams – Happy [MetroGnome Remix]




    1. Thank you, Elaine! Love that this inspired you. So glad you left a link! Your wonderful post provides great information and research on happiness and most importantly – creating it. For me at least, I find so much of happiness is the result of action. While sadness is the result of reaction. I’d rather be in charge of my emotions than someone else.


  1. There is just something about that song, isn’t there, Linda? It will be in my head all night!


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