Shiny New Toy VS Dynasty Politics

Anita Finlay Promo shot 1 Jerry Doyle invited me back on his show for a discussion about the dilemma we all face at election time…if we want real progress, where do we turn?

anita-talks-with-jerryAs Bill Clinton recently pointed out, the media tends to glom on to a narrative and never let go, which often means promoting The Dangerous Allure of the Shiny New Toy in politics to the detriment of those more capable.  As I wrote in my linked article above:

Often, voter disappointment with current leadership and big media’s boredom with the experienced pols waiting in the wings prompts us to turn over a new rock and give untested candidates a chance.  The advantages to such persons are obvious.  They have no record of any significance to hang around them, as their complaints against ‘the man’ are all we have to go on.  “Damned straight,” we cry.  “You tell ‘em!  Give those crooks on Wall St. what for!”  Experience becomes a dirty word and populist rhetoric wins the day.

What are you looking for in a leader?

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