A snowy day brings a teenage girl in touch with her inner child as she constructs a giant snowman.  But heartbreak awaits when the inevitable forces of life and nature take their toll.

Author & Cover Artist: JC Little

Never fear, JC Little, The Animated Woman is here!

The giant snowman gets a second life when the young girl’s Mom (aka JC Little, The Animated Woman) springs into action to do what Moms do best – make things right in their children’s world.

And lucky for us, JC Little’s mom magic is recreating that lost snowman in a beautifully drawn children’s book .  THE LAST SNOWMAN is a wonderfully told and delightfully evocative story of just how fleeting a precious moment can be before it melts away into our cluttered past.

In a winter that seems to have no end, it’s nice to contemplate (and celebrate) the arrival of THE LAST SNOWMAN.  And it is even nicer to know we have the multi-talented creator/animator JC Little to preserve him for us.

THE LAST SNOWMAN is short, sweet and simply Marvelous!

Learn more about JC Little at The Animated Woman and her book THE LAST SNOWMAN.



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