For The Joy of Animals: Dancing Spider vs Dancing Dog?

When it comes to dance even non-humans want to get in on the act and strut their stuff.  But, in a hypothetical matchup, who would win — the dancing spider or the dancing dog?

Both are highly skilled and clearly know their moves…

And yes, the spider has a few legs up on the dog with it’s creeping, awe-inspiring solo salsa…

Yet the infectious enthusiasm of this energetic and paw-tastic  version of “You’re The One That I Want” is hard to beat…

(Hat tip to Suzie Ivy)
So who is the winner?

Each of us.

Okay, the reason I posted these two videos together, besides the fun of seeing two completely different creatures dance, is because of what they have in common besides dance.  They both inspire with their creativity and ability to create change.

The dancing spider is a bio-inspired 3D printed spider robot. The creativity part is obvious, you don’t see cool spider robots that dance every day.  But the change part is more subtle. This spider made me smile and laugh — at a spider. Not my usual reaction to large black spiders – fascinating as they are…  But I appreciate the not insignificant role this robot and others can and do play in changing our perspective of things or situations. (Here is another post I wrote about a cool robot creating change.)

Which brings me to the dancing dog, Rookie, who along with owner/trainer/dance partner Carolyn Scott, was Canine Freestyle dance champion for many years.  This duo’s creativity is as obvious as their love for each other. But what I didn’t know, though I have watched this video innumerable times over the years to bolster my own mood, was the incredible change that was required for both Rookie and Carolyn in order for them to be able to do that dance.

When Rookie and Carolyn met, they were both consumed by fears and shyness.  As a young dog, Rookie was afraid of people and “collapsed when confronted with anything new.”  Carolyn still suffered the physical and psychological after effects of childhood polio and was “afraid to leave her house.”  An amazing change for both, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, I’m curious.  Which video would get your vote?  The dancing spider?  Or the dancing dog?  And would that be for creativity, change or dance?



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