Who Was Driving That Car-Van-Truck Thing?

As a police officer/detective, I am constantly made aware of differing perceptions when a critical incident happens.

If a robbery takes place in front of five eye witnesses, all five witnesses will have a slightly different version of what happened. Everyone sees things differently. “The man was 5’10” tall.” “The man was 5’ 4” tall.” “He had a black jacket.” “He had a brown jacket.”

Police officers are not immune to perception alteration, but training improves our ability to take in details when we are on a call. I’ve gotten better at memory detail through training and experience, though I’m waiting for old age to kick in and my brain will probably regress.

Most people can live without this training and never know what they’ve missed.

I found this video (via Bodacious Boomer), which seems to tell an incredible story to the eye witnesses. But do the people actually know what is happening? I’m just glad I was not the officer responding to these calls.

And if you think you wouldn’t have been fooled the way those people were, watch this video (via Coyote Prime) and see how you do.

So, did you see everything that happened?  Or was there something you missed?



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