Linda AnselmiLinda Anselmi  — Publisher and Editor of BELOW THE SALT NEWS

How would I describe me?

Lover of words (reader, writer, blogger); believer of possibilities (asset based thinker, solution oriented optimist); student of history (shouldn’t everyone be?);  Champion of people, animals and nature (aka environmentalist);  and kindred spirit of the desert …

Who has lived in many states (6); held many jobs (no longer counting);  and become a self-confessed serial volunteer and unpaid professional of many things — mover, packer, cheerleader, reviewer, gift wrapper, bookkeeper, editor, organizer, fund-raiser …

On a journey to become a better writer (yes, still learning after all these years), better person (goes without saying), and better contributor to the greater good.

Not rich.  Not famous.  Just a woman with a voice and some thoughts to share.

Writing contributor to:

Below The Salt News
The New Agenda
Reading & Writing Cafe

6 thoughts on “Linda Anselmi”

  1. Linda, I am happy to have found you here. In introduction, many years ago you kindly did a report on my book PASSAMEZZO which is now the first book in a trilogy.

    1. Jean, Awesome to hear from you and know the Passamezzo story goes on in a trilogy!! Can’t wait to read the next one. Just went to amazon and couldn’t find any other books… Are they available yet?

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