downed power lines PSA
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Downed Power Line PSA — This Might Shock You

We never know what situations we are going to encounter in life.  So, just in case you find yourself around downed power lines that are live — this downed power line PSA from Puget Sound Energy shares some key information … Read more...

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Can We Ever Feel Too Valuable?

We all have an innate need to be valued in life — to feel we are valuable as individuals and as members of our community and to feel that our contributions are worthy and appreciated. But can we ever feel … Read more...

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Tis The Season…

Tis the season — to share love and laughter among friends, family and furcritters…… Read more...

Voracious Predators
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Beautiful And Cute But Still Voracious Predators

We like to categorize things in simple terms.  If something is beautiful or cute we tend to think of it as friendly, happy or, at the very least, benign.  If something is ugly or not appealing to look at we … Read more...

The world of the individual person
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Words: “The World Of The Individual Person…”

Recently, Pew Research asked thousands of Americans where they find meaning in life.  Instead of presenting group responses, they highlighted the wonderful responses and stories from the world of the individual person.  It reminded me that:

The world of the individual personEverything of value … Read more...

location - frying pan shoals
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Location Isn’t Just A Place, It’s An Environment

The first, second, and third rule of real estate is — Location, Location, Location!  But location isn’t just a place.  And, it isn’t something static.

Location is an entire environment…

— A dynamic relationship that is constantly changing and evolving … Read more...

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Universal Well-Being And Planetary Considerations

What will it take for us to let go of our endless debates and finger-pointings over global warming or global climate change?  When will we begin to truly recognize that the heart of our human existence and survival is the … Read more...

facts on Hurricanes
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Fast Facts on Hurricanes

The month of September is peak hurricane season.  The Atlantic Hurricane season is June 1st  through November 30th.  So as Florence makes her way slowly down the Atlantic coast, it seemed a good time to compile some fast facts on … Read more...

There will be others
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Words: “After Us, There Will Be Others…”

You know you are hanging out with the right kind of friends, when, on a day you most need it, you are gifted with a beautiful starfish and the words “You make a difference every day!”

There will be others

The original Starfish Story …