Book Review: EAT COMPLETE by Drew Ramsey

eat complete cover

Eat Complete by Drew Ramsey, MD effectively details the importance of nutrients and the role they play in brain health. After working with mood and anxiety disorders in patients, Ramsey began researching nutrition and how it affects the brain. His latest book is an amazing scientific resource detailing what nutrients your brain needs and why. For example, nutrients such as zinc and selenium – which most people don’t consider daily – are crucial in developing and protecting your brain.

The True Super-Food

Did you know spinach contains 6 of the 21 essential nutrients? Magnesium, folate or folic acid (B9), vitamin E, vitamin K, iron and potassium provide nourishment for all three functions of brain support: foundation, protection and ignition. This is even better than kale or quinoa!

Ramsey stresses the importance of meals that are tasty, budget appropriate and easy to make. Unfortunately, his recipes require a lot of prep and clean-up, and include expensive or difficult to find ingredients. They also lack alternatives for nut, egg, and shellfish allergies. So people with food allergies should consider the recipes a starting point, not a complete guide. If you are willing to try new foods and don’t have dietary restrictions, this is a great recipe book.

A favorite is the Green Tea Mushroom Soup  made from a variety of mushrooms, napa cabbage, garlic and onion sautéed in sesame oil, and made into a soup with a green tea and chicken bone broth (as well as a few other spices and ingredients).

Overall, Eat Complete is an enjoyable, informative read that inspired me to change my grocery shopping and eating habits to improve my brain function. The nutritional information is universal. Those who enjoy reading about health and nutrition, learning about how the brain works, or delving into biological science, will find much to love. I recommend picking it up.


Tobi Summer McCann is a freelance writer and book reviewer. This piece was originally published  at


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  1. Sounds like an informative book with interesting recipes. Thank you for sharing. I saw he also has a book called “Fifty Shades of Kale.” With an overabundance of kale in my garden, I need to check this one out too. 🙂


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