Plantain Fries — A Healthier Option

plantain fries

One of the things about becoming healthy is all the foods you must give up. I’ve had a love hate relationship with French fries my entire life. My taste buds love them and my hips hate them.

Potatoes are something we try to stay away from.  There are several reasons, but I think the biggest is that potatoes clean the soil by leaching everything around them including pesticides. They’ve long been used in crop rotation when the soil is too damaged for other crops. Sweet potato fries are a healthier substitute but my husband doesn’t care for them.

Plantains look like bananas but have less sugar. they also contain fiber and are a good source of vitamins A and C, and potassium. The secret is to buy your plantains when they’re green/yellow and not brown/yellow. No worries though, if your plantains ripen before you use them, you can cut up and freeze to use as pancake batter later.

Please fry them in olive or avocado oil and stay far far away from bad oils such as vegetable, cotton seed, sunflower, etc.

My husband loves these plantain fries so I consider them kid approved.?

Plantain Fries

(serves 2)


3 plantains
2 cups – olive oil (we save the leftover and reuse a few times)
salt and pepper to taste


Cut plantain into 3 sections. Slice one side and peal off the skin. Cut into French fry size.

Place slices into a deep pot of hot oil and cook until golden.  Stir occasionally.

Place finished plantain fries on paper towels to absorb excess grease and serve.

And yes, you can even dip these babies in ketchup!



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