Music: FURTHER by Black Lab

The only thing better than finding a song that speaks to a pivotal moment in our lives, is finding a band that continues to reconnect as we journey through life.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I first became a fan of the alternative pop rock band Black Lab back in 2011 through their brilliantly dark and compelling song – “THIS NIGHT.”   For anyone who has ever been caught in an endless, sleepless “dark night of the soul,” the hauntingly weary vocals, self castigating lyrics, and whip-stinging beat of THIS NIGHT definitely strikes a chord.  At a time when dark waters seemed to continually swirl around me, the song was a perfect fit for my mood.

Sadly, I never really looked into Black Lab or their other music.   And, because I’d first heard the song on the tv show House M.D., it was forever filed away in my mind as “that ‘House’ song I love.”

Fast forward a few years.

The dark waters of the past have been successfully navigated and bridged.  I’m standing at the base of a mountain.  Not far from where I was before I got swept away.  It’s a good place, but there are heavy clouds all around.  And now is a different time with different unknowns.  There is also a lingering sense of lost time and opportunity.  Too many “what could have beens” dragging against a sense of urgency to get on with things.   To not waste more time…

But forward to where?  Onward to what?  When?  Why?  And how do I know that what lays ahead is where I want to go or need to be?

Just as I get ready to take that first step, I hear a strangely familiar voice.  It’s Black Lab singing out directions — “Further, just a bit further…”  The vocals are surprisingly upbeat, the words empowering, the melody lovely and it’s all accompanied by a measured, but forceful beat of determination:

Further by Black Lab
Further by Black Lab

there ain’t nothing
no there ain’t nothin
that can stop you
and keep you
from getting back up.
there ain’t nothing
no there ain’t nothing.
it goes up
it goes down
and that’s just what it does.
just a bit further…

Excerpt Lyrics FURTHER by Black Lab:

So that is where I am headed — “Further, just a bit further…”  But this time, I’m getting to know these two traveling companions.



Paul Durham — Singer/guitarist

Andy Ellis — guitarist/programmer



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