Fun Must Share Twitter Animal Tales – Part I

I love to read around the internet and frequently come across engaging, funny or insightful news and superb storytelling that are “must shares.”  Since I often find them through twitter (sorry, not a facebooker)  I just automatically “tweet” or “retweet” the links to share them with other twitter users.  Of course, that leaves any non-twitter BELOW THE SALT NEWS readers and any non @BelowTheSalt twitter followers out of the loop.  Which doesn’t seem quite fair.  I hate to think of anyone missing out on such wonderful stuff.

So I came up with the idea of doing an occasional round-up on BELOW THE SALT NEWS of favorite twitter and blog finds and share the links along with a little teaser.  And, of course, the perfect way to launch this idea was with an outstanding group of recent must share twitter animal tales.

The only problem was — there was waaay too many for just one post.  So here is part I, with part II to follow soon.

~ ~

The delightfully imaginative @NicoleSmeltzer, the creator (using cut-paper and fabric) of the family portrait comic strip THE MIDDLEST SISTER, lovingly reconstructs her sister Amy’s particular brand of neighborliness in “Good Neighbors.”  Below is only the opening illustration.  Click on the image to go the full comic strip and enjoy it in all its multi-textured and multi-layered splendor.  And while you are at it, explore the rest of her amazing comics at The Middlest Sister.

middlest sister - good neighbors featured in Must Share Twitter Animal Tales

~ ~

I’m always ready to root for the underdog — er, horse.  Though, sadly, I don’t remember anything about this from back in the day…  @AtlasObscura shares a wonderfully told and pictured bit of American history that gives a show horse vs work horse spin to Aesop’s “The Tortise and the Hare” fable.  The full story is at The 1976 Great American Horse Race Was Won By A Mule Named Lord Fauntleroy   WTG Lord Fauntleroy!  (h/t to @karinbrulliard for this super fun read.) A favorite excerpt …

“Lord Fauntleroy—”Leroy” for short—was the choice steed of Virl Norton, a steeplejack from San Jose, California. Along with their many rivals, Norton, Leroy, and his backup mule, Lady Eloise, were set to travel 3,500 miles through 13 states for the “Great American Horse Race.” They would challenge history, expectations, and a whole lot of fancy horses.“

~ ~

In a ‘make your day’ little gem of a short story at her blog BECOMING CLICHE, zookeeper HeatherD (aka @BecomingCliche and a writing contributor to BELOW THE SALT NEWS) shares the wonder and magic in a young boy’s mind.  Find out what Heather thinks is The Best Question I Have Ever Been Asked.  Here’s the opening tease…

“Zookeepers get asked a lot of questions. It’s part of the job, and honestly one of my favorite things. Yesterday morning I was bent over unclogging a tube in the bog turtle rearing exhibit when I heard … “

~ ~

In the midst of a Rufous hummingbird invasion @CrytzerFry aka Melissa Crytzer Fry (another BELOW THE SALT NEWS writing contributor) does what she does best.  Inspired by the nature she see around her, she inspires others by documenting and sharing the action.  Read about the Desert Duel between Melissa’s beloved homies, the Anna’s hummingbirds, and the feisty newcomers and enjoy all of the amazing photos she has managed to capture of them .  Below are just a few (click on the images to see the rest) …


MCF rufous


~ ~

A good deed is never easily done.  So proves @CrazyTrain17 with a lovely heartwarming rescue tale showing why the impulse to take on the care of another always come from the heart not the head.  Read the full happy tale at Waifs & Strays | Crazy Train To Tinky Town.  Here is a favorite excerpt:

“Eventually, I managed to squeeze him into the passenger seat where he seemed to fill the entire car and then it was all too apparent that Arnie was in dire need of a bath. As soon as I switched on the ignition, he began to wail like a werewolf and on the way home I almost sustained a perforated ear drum and pneumonia from having to drive with the window wide open in what had been the coldest of winters.”

~ ~

I hope you enjoy all the stories as much as I do.   Must Share Twitter Animal Tales – Part II is coming soon.  But if you have any suggestions for future roundups of must share items or other feedback, I’d love to hear from you…




    1. Deborah, You always have great animal stories, this was the one I mostly recently read and as some one who has been involved in rescue I’ve more than once been in that situation. My favorites have to be about the hedgehogs(?)


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