What’s Your Favorite Way To Celebrate The 4th Of July?

The semi-official/traditional Independence Day celebration includes food outdoors with family/friends, parades and fireworks.  But I often wonder if we still love our current ways to celebrate the 4th of July as much as the media does?

If given the chance to start from scratch and create a whole new set of Independence day traditions would we start over and celebrate the 4th of July in a completely different way? Say, with street dances instead of a parade and outdoor lights like christmas instead of fireworks?  Would we just modify our current ones?  Or would we keep it all the same?

So what part of our current traditional celebrations would you definitely like to see more or less of?  Would it be:

Grillin’ and chillin’ with some real party mammals?

(hamster video link)


The whole paying tribute to history and wrapping ourselves in red, white and blue?

(cat video link)


All the mind blowingly spectacular fireworks?

celebrate the 4th of July
Flickr: Jeff Laitila,
Yokosuka Fireworks 2013

Or maybe you like to or already do celebrate Independence Day in a totally different way?


Whether you are planning to celebrate an Independence Day that is jam-packed with excitement or embracing some serious chillin’, I hope what ever you do, you are happy, safe and considerate of pets, wildlife and anyone you know with PTSD


Please share your idea of the perfect ways to celebrate the 4th of July in comments!




    1. We had a lovely break from “tradition.” Our neighbors who do a massive fireworks behind our houses were out of town. I can’t describe the joy of not having our dogs traumatized for days! I love fireworks from a distance, not right outside my door.


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