DARE WE SAY Cyber Conversations

cyber conversations

Cyber conversations seem like a rarity these days.

Despite our claims of staying connected on-line, too much of what we say on the internet is targeted at others.   We command, demand and cajole.   We make statements expressing our own views and calling out opposing views.  All the while, we talk over, past and around each other.

A conversation is an exchange between equals.  It accepts that both parties have something of value to contribute.   It requires active, thoughtful listening.

As our use of social media has grown more prevalent, our lack of conversational skills has become all the more evident.  Cyber-bullying and cyber-insults have become the standard operating procedure for far too many social media participants and on almost any topic imaginable.

Where do we draw the line between sharing perspectives vs insults?  How do we express opinions without making them attacks?  Can we have candid cyber conversations without turning them into wars?

Hosts Anita Finlay, actor and author of “Dirty Words on Clean Skin”, and Shawna Vercher, political correspondent and author of “A Fearless Voice”, bring cyber conversations front and center with their new show DARE WE SAY.

Watch, listen and enjoy as they dare to thread the cyber conversational needle on hot social, political and media topics via Epic Times video chats.

cyber conversations
Video chat capture: DARE WE SAY via Epic Times




  1. Thanks for the great review! We have high hopes for our new show and are excited to be sharing views on hot social and political topics that affect us all. Pleas chime in with topic suggestions…


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