Music: FLY by Maddie and Tae

Teen sensations Maddie and Tae scored a #1 single last year with their brilliant, funny and feminist GIRL IN A COUNTRY SONG.  Their new single, FLY is so lovely, the tears were rolling before I heard half the lyrics. FLY is a sweet anthem of encouragement in challenging times.

Keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the lid might break
We’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now
Cause you can learn to fly on the way down

~~ Maddie & Tae – Fly Lyrics | MetroLyrics

If you’re taking on something new that has you freaked or if the day’s struggle just feels a bit much, please give a listen to this marvelous new work — FLY by Maddie and Tae.

Then, give yourself a well deserved laugh, click here and enjoy my interview with Jerry Doyle about turning the tables on sexist behavior, capped off by Maddie and Tae’s hilarious video for GIRL IN A COUNTRY SONG.

Have a fabulous day!  And let me know what you think of both GIRL IN A COUNTRY SONG and FLY by Maddie and Tae!!

Original version published at Anita Finlay’s Blog. Reposted, in full, with permission of the author.





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