A Disgruntled Snowman’s Snow Fight

We may be disgruntled by the snow, but it is here to stay — at least for a couple of months.  So we might as well find humor in it where we can.

I’ve long been a fan and follower of the folks over at Animation Chefs.  Their goal is to:

"lead kids into a thinking, making, sharing pattern that will change their relationship with technology."

Notice it isn’t just about the doing and sharing, but the thinking as well!

How do they do it?

They share animation techniques and media lessons learned in easy to follow recipes/formulas via blogs, videos and newsletters.   Armed with the proper utensils (mobile devices) and ingredients (everything from food, pets, clay, paper, toys…),  kid chefs from around the world are able to:

"tell their own stories, make their own movies, and learn how to be producers, directors, animators, and distributors of their own creations."

How successful are they?

Judge for yourself.  A story built with thought and care about a disgruntled snowman’s snow fight and where it leads…

Not only is this great story telling and technique, and a fresh perspective – how many snowman’s snow fights have you heard about — there is real thought into a deeper message for young and old about what our actions create!

Check out more Animation Chefs videos

Watch this fan-imation about Winter’s Tale: The Dolphin with the Prosthetic Tail . Or just go over to Animation Chefs’ website and see their Secret media Recipes for Kids.  (And hey, if you’re an adult and want the secret recipes, no one will know!)




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