Words: “Anybody Can Be An Agent Of Change …”

"Anybody can be an agent of change...

People think that if they can't tackle all the world's problems and make it all better overnight, there's no purpose. I totally disbelieve that. I believe that every action really does contribute to change.
Jody Williams at a Hudson Union Society event in May 2010.   Credit: Justin Hoch photographing for Hudson Union Society
Jody Williams, May 2010. (Credit: Justin Hoch for Hudson Union Society)
The power that each and every one of us has to decide whether we want to be participants in creating the world we live in, or we choose - and this is also a choice, that we pretend isn't - we CHOOSE to do nothing....

Believe me, there are other people who will step into that gap, take your power and use it to accomplish what they want."

~Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner


Jody Williams
(1950 – )
Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize – banning of anti-personnel landmines
Peace and human rights activist,
Writer, educator, TED Talks speaker

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