Pondering the Possibilities: Packing Wisely In Your Luggage For Life

One of my favorite quotes is:

“All life’s a journey.  So pack wisely.”

In theory, this seems a simple enough prescription.   Too often what we carry through life has long ceased to be important.

But, in life, it becomes less easy to follow then one might think.

In our youth, we are strong and resilient and we tend to ignore our excess baggage.  By midlife, we start to feel crushed by the extra weight of this baggage.  Yet, we are as much comforted by it’s constant presence  as we are overwhelmed by having to decide which items we need to keep as our luggage for life and which items are just baggage to shed.

luggage for lifeSo in the spirit of the new year, a time of reflection and meditation, I offer my poetic wish list for packing wisely.

In Your Luggage For Life
by Linda Anselmi

May you carry the Courage to Show Vulnerability
   And the Willingness to Honor Imperfection

May you carry the Generosity to Extend Compassion
   And the Openness to Experience Sorrow

May you carry the Eagerness to Embrace Joy
  And the Strength to Accept Pain

May you carry the Persistence to Uncover Hope
   And the Determination to Face Fear

May you carry the Boldness to Confront Injustice
   And the Humbleness to be Open-Minded

May you carry the Honesty to Celebrate Love
   And the Respect to Savor Peace

May you carry the Heart to Live Authentically
   And the Spirit to Live Whole-Heartedly


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