For the Joy of Animals: Generational Support

The older I get, the more I realized how much the support of others helped me achieve more and better than I could ever do on my own. I’m especially thankful for the generations that came before me and I try to carry on the tradition of giving a leg up to the next generation. And so, a little poem on “generational support.”

by  Linda Anselmi

My role, I am sold,
As one growing ever more old,
No longer lies with an eye
to the road flying by.

generational support
Photo Credit: @TheEllenShow

But to give my support,
When youth’s legs are too short,
For a view that is more
than just sky.

With my own whited nose,
Far below the air’s glorious flow,
I manage to keep myself
amply entertained.

By recalling with great pride,
On many earlier a ride,
The wonderous scents
I so joyfully identified.

And while the youth’s needed heights,
Lost me my own favorite sights,
I would find no pleasure here
without him.

So don’t worry about me,
I’m just a grumpy old he,
Wishing the youth on my back
ever more trim.




    1. Thank you D’elen.

      There is something about watching the waves pound the sand that frees the mind. As to getting older, nothing makes it easier. But I do think it makes us more creative. The picture is wonderful and it is so reflective of mentoring which I think is so important.


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