Congressional Humors Spawn Comic Cottage Industry

congressional humorsMy eyes honed in like laser beams at the Breaking News.  President Obama’s advisor, and MIT economist, Jonathan Gruber was (via AP):

“…turning to comic books to help make the pitch for the administration’s embattled health care law.

… [with] a defensible text that is fact-based.”

Wow!  Using a comic book to tell truths about healthcare??  Brilliant!!   Incredible!  Who would have thought…  I must let people know.  Even before I could start to write it up, a title for the post popped into my head.

Congressional Humors Immortalized in Comics

There goes my writers block, this post is going to write itself.  Then I read more (via AP):

Gruber concedes he’s on a rescue mission of sorts: defending the law from what he calls the “ugly, evil rhetoric” of critics.

“When people understand the bill, they like it,” he said.

And my heart started to pound in anticipation.  Where there are evil villains, there has to be heroes — right?  Wearing tights and a cape?  Please, oh, please let it be a woman this time.  We need another super-heroine saving the day with comic style adventures.  Will she be a CEO climbing up the side of tall insurance buildings or a nurse bounding down hospital hallways!  Who will play her in the movies?  And will they make a musical out of this?

Oh, the possibilities …  A new title popped into my head:

Congressional Humors Reach Comic Proportions

And then my mind really started to race.  If they can rescue healthcare with comic adventures, the sky is the limit.  Just think of all the things the American people don’t like about their government and don’t understand about the way it works.  The never-ending big business bailouts, the failures of Katrina, the Gulf oil spill disaster, the Iraq war, the ongoing TSA gropes, the …

An even better title popped into my head:

Congressional Humors Spawn Comic Cottage Industry

Wow.  This could be the key to America’s future.  Forget the infrastructure and energy independence meme.  This could be Obama’s WPA.  This could save the American economy.  Lift the American people out of poverty.  Restore the middle class.  There would be writers, artist, printers, multimedia consultants to hire.  I really must let people know.  (And maybe I should take a few drawing class.  You know, get the education and training necessary to get in on the ground floor of this.)

How about you?  Are you ready to get in on the ground floor?  What Congressional humors have you seen being spawned?



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