Seeing Things In A New Light: Gangs And Little Old Ladies

Words have a way of changing over time.

A generation or so ago, the word ‘gang’ referred to an informal group of friends with whom you regularly socialized.  Emphasis on friends and social.

Back then, your ‘gang’ or ‘the gang’, as they were affectionately referred to, were the people who saw you through the highs, lows and middles of life.  Now, of course, the word ‘gang’ is irrevocably associated with ‘colors’, tattoos, bad attitudes, and violence.

But whether then or now, the one true mark of a worthy ‘gang’ is when members show they have your back.

As evidenced in this audio recording by a man on the way to work who witnesses a fender-bender and gives a hilarious play-by-play of the aftermath — when a ‘gang’ of four little old ladies swings into action.


The moral to this story:

Always choose your gang wisely!


Never underestimate the power of little old ladies!


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  1. Hi Linda, Loved it. I was sitting and writing a very depressing blog (even humor has its sad moments) and received notice of your new post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart:) Suzie


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