~ A Talent For Living Life Splendidly

Talent is considered to be an unusual, innate ability in a field or activity.

We often tag people as ‘talented’ when the person excels at a given sport or art (think actors, painters, musicians, and the like) or when they display an extraordinary ability to succeed in a particular business or venture.

But what about a talent for living?

Can there be any greater talent then the one for living life to the fullest?

“…There were only two paths in my life: either die quickly, or live splendidly!”

Those are the words of Liu Wei, the 23 year-old pianist who was 10 years-old when he lost both of his arms. On Sunday, Liu won China’s Got Talent by singing “You’re Beautiful” and playing the piano with his toes.

Liu Wei is not only a winner, he has the ultimate talent.

The talent to embrace life.

Liu Wei lives his life SPLENDIDLY.

Lui Wei’s winning performance on China’s Got Talent

Liu playing Marriage D’Amour in his earlier performance on China’s Got Talent.

A Life Less Ordinary
By Pan Yan and Liu Chang
Global Times

Liu, a Beijing native born in 1987, lost both of his arms at the age of 10 when he grabbed a high voltage wire while playing hide-and-seek. Inspired by an armless painter he met in a hospital, Liu learnt to use his feet to write, brush his teeth and eat.

He also learnt to swim and became a member of a Beijing team for people with disabilities at 12. Two years later, he won one silver and two gold medals in the national swimming championship for the disabled.

Driven by a desire to make his living by composing or opening music-themed bars, Liu chose not to sit the college entrance exam, instead opting to learn the piano. He practiced with his feet seven hours a day, and after three years of study, he achieved grade 7 level.

Thank you Liu Wei for sharing your talent!

May you inspire many and always live your life SPLENDIDLY!



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