Elaine R.N.

Elaine R.N. is a registered nurse and women’s health care expert who spent a lot of professional (and personal 🙂 ) time answering health related questions from a variety of professionals and product users, consumers (and friends).

She likes to bridge the facts gap — researching medical facts, and then relating them in a way that is more understandable than just reading the medical literature.

“It isn’t a matter of telling anyone what to do – far from it.  It is about providing factual information about health so decisions about how to manage it for one’s self, is made using the best information possible.”

Elaine is a women’s health expert for Tampax, Always and beinggirl.com, contributor to BlogHer, health speaker at BlogHer14.  She blogs at PAGING NURSE PLUMMER

Elaine R.N.


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