For The Joy of Animals: Animal Acts of Compassion

Animal Acts of Compassion

Compassion is not just a human trait. It is a universal “being” trait and animal acts of compassion are all around us if we look.

The meaning of “Compassion” comes from Latin root “passio”, which means to suffer, and the Latin prefix “com”, meaning togetherto suffer together.

Compassion is irrevocably linked to suffering. At every step, it requires beings to be actively engaged with the suffering of another:

  • to be awareness of suffering
  • to be emotionally connected with the suffering
  • to seek relief for the suffering
  • to respond (effectively or not) to ease the suffering

Acts of compassion are not necessarily easy or instinctive. Nor is compassion a magical solution to stop pain or end suffering. But, compassion builds a connection between two beings that can make pain and suffering more bearable. So whether an act of compassion is done by an animal or human, when it is done for the benefit of a “foreign being” it becomes all the more powerful.

And, it gives us all hope.


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